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It's been more of a while...

 My last post for "it's been a while" was in 2008. Yeah, I don't post on LJ a lot, but I do comment on some journals here and there.

To anyone wondering what been going on in my life, well, tons of stuff:
I finished my time in Hawaii.
I moved back to the Philadelphia area.
I traveled to Spain, France, Monaco, Tunisia, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey.
I moved out of my mother's carriage house.
I got a job as a nanny.
I spent a lot more time with my relatives.

It's been awhile...

So I don't post to my journal a lot. In fact, the last time I did was March.

I'm on a vacation to the East Coast at the moment, and I'm visiting Washington DC, the Philadelphia area, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. (So if anyone there ever wanted to have lunch with me, now is the time.)

Also, my birthday was two days ago, and was a pretty important one in my opinion. I turned 23 on July 23rd. That will only happen once in a person's life, whether it's 11 on the 11th, or what have you.

Lastly, I've joined westerosorting, and been sorted! At first I was a bit offended at being sorted into Lannister, but I got over it.

Magic Commute

Today I experienced a wonder in Honolulu's bus transit system. At 3:30 pm today, I was seated in a classroom in St. John on the UH Manoa campus. At 4:10 pm today, I was seated at my desk at home in Kalihi. How did this amazing 40 minutes take place?!

I will break it down:
3:30 - I leave St. John
3:40 - Ten minute walk across campus to the bus stop on University and Metcalf.
3:47 - Seven minutes later I board the #85, Kaneohe bound.
4:05 - EIGHTEEN minutes later I get off the bus at the Kam IV Shopping Center on the corner of Likelike and School!!!
4:10 - Five minute walk to my desk.

HOLY TRANSIT. Anyone who has ever had to deal with driving on the roads around downtown Honolulu and the H-1 knows that this is practically unheard of for a bus. Four o'clock traffic in and around the city is a gridlock nightmare. To get to the other side of town in under twenty minutes at this time of day on public transportation... it blows away my tiny little ape brain. Never again will I have such a short commute home. I'm weeping at the beauty of what just happened.

Shopping for nothing.

So I was at Shirokiya the other day, picking up some delicious dollar books, and I noticed some DVDs on sale as well. In particular, season one of Stargate: Atlantis at $19.99 made me immediately think of emily_reich. I purchased the set on a lark.

More on this later, as I try to see if I'll be able to understand what's going on, since I've never seen Stargate: SG1.

500 Episodes

emily_reich infected me!

Now I've decided to keep track of the TV I'm watching to see if I make it to 500 in a year. In addition to not counting repeats, I'm also not counting any show under half an hour.

(Edited: 3/2/08 for February)

A Quick Eight

So my favorite scene from the first episode of Ashes to Ashes was the scene where Gene cops a feel. Of course every frame of this one was a winner, but here, for any interested, are caps of my eight favorites.

Warnings: Many images of almost the same exact pose.

Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Awesome

I watched the first episode of Ashes to Ashes a few days ago.

Several days later it's still difficult to encapsulate how fabulous it was.

During the last year I managed to watch all 16 episodes of Life on Mars, in which I became interested after seeing John Simm play The Master in Doctor Who, my favorite British TV show. I enjoyed it immensely, because it had an adept, precisely chosen cast, quick and witty dialog, realistic detailed sets and locales, and most of all, a cohesive, well paced plot. However, as I neither grew up in the 70s nor have ever been to the UK, some parts of the show were not very relatable.

The 80s on the other hand, are a totally different story. It may be that at many times during the 90s I looked back at those years, cringing in horror (And rightly so in some cases!). More recently though, I've been looking back on those years with a growing fondness. Everything was over the top. Cheese was fun and acceptable. Bright colors lit up my youthful imagination. Punk rock! Perms! PCs! It was a glitzy, glammy time that set us on the path to where society is today. And it's often the most overlooked and unappreciated decades. That's way I was so excited over Ashes to Ashes.

Let me tell you this: it delivered. From the moment Hawes' Alex Drake woke up on that barge in her red dress, fur coat, flashy jewelry, hair and makeup, I thought, "This was the 80s!" The rest of the episode did not let me down either. It just captured exactly what I felt about the decade, cheese and all, and I love the creators for it. Many of you naysayers claim there were "too many hero shots of Gene" and "it didn't feel realistic." Well, I can only tell you that the 80s were not about realism (do you remember the eyeliner and huge hair!?), and the hero shots were in keeping with the mood of the time (do you remember the A-Team!?).

I am rife with anticipation for second episode.